Complete Online Marketing Solution for Repair Shops.

We are the team of seasoned repair shop owners and internet experts. Read the story on how we helped CRS Automotive to go from 1.5m to 3m in less than a year.

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  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Maintenance of your Social Media Accounts
  • Monthly Link Building
  • Maintaining Local Marketplace Directories
  • Managing, growing and sharing Reviews 
  • Monthly Report, Call with your Marketing Manager
  • Customer friendly & search optimized design
  • Integrated specials & appointment booking
  • Website hosting & 24/7 uptime monitoring 
  • Website maintenance & updates
  • Enhanced security
  • Web Design Manager


  • The ability to get immediate traffic
  • Call tracking, recording, & analytics
  • Landing page building
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Your AdWords Manager


Results & Relationship

are what drives us.

Grow car-count, well distributed throughout the year.

Syncronize all your marketing efforts.

Influence community & drive engagement.

Save $. Consolidate tools at a better price.

Get reports and results. No more n # of dashboards.

The team of 4 pros fueling your growth.

Already 53 independent shop owners 

across North America have joined us!

What are you waiting for?


Owner, The Auto Station

“We switched from our previous vendor and never looked back. Now I have 4 professionals navigating the growth. No more dashboards and multiple tools. Plus I get to save $.”

“We went from 10 to 25% in loyalty, 200 to 450 in AVG invoice value. To me that says a lot about these guys.”


Owner, CRS Automotive

"As a ShopPros coach and owner of Gray’s Auto with 40 years of automotive experience, I see great potential in Sylidra and their product."


Owner, Gray's Auto

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